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Jeweler's Row

Welcome to Jeweler's Row

Many people wonder which stone represents which month for birthdays. Another question is which is the best anniversary gift.  Below you will find a list of birthstones for each month and the gemstone representing the anniversaries 


January -  Garnet 
February - Amethyst 
March - Aquamarine   
April - Diamond
May - Emerald
June - Pearl
July - Ruby
August - Peridot
September - Sapphire
October - Opal
November - Citrine or Topaz
December - Blue Topaz



The 4 C's of Diamonds

Diamonds vary in value and quality. Experts use the 4 C's to evaluate diamonds for their true value. CUT, COLOR, CLARITY, and CARAT WEIGHT is the determining factor in a diamond's value, rarity, and beauty.

CUT - The cut of a diamond is not only the shape, it is also the way it is cut from a rough diamond. The cut shows the facets which reflect light bringing more brilliance to the stone.

COLOR - Aside from fancy colored diamonds, transparency is best in clear diamonds (near colorless).  The quality of a diamond based on color run drom D through Z. They are usually by range. D is colorless, thereby the best in color. Moving closer toward Z the diamond picks up a yellow color.

CLARITY - Clarity is based on the visibility of flaws or inclusions. Flaws unseen to the naked eye may be seem with a jeweler's loupe. Flaws may affect the brilliance of the stone and the value.  A scale exits for determining clarity.  FL is flawless  


Anniversary Stones by Year

1  Peridot or Mother of Pearl
2  Garnet
3  Moonstone
4  Blue Topaz
5  Rose Quartz
6  Amethyst
7  Onyx
8  Tourmaline
9  Lapis Lazuli
10 Crystal
11 Turquoise
12 Jade
13 Citrine
14 Opal
15 Rhodolite
20 Emerald
25 Tsavorite
30 Pearl
40 Ruby
50 Gold
65 Sapphire